Another Excellent VPS For GSA Search Engine Ranker!

We are pleased to say that we have found another excellent VPS provider!

Here's some exciting features and benefits!

  • VPS are located in Canada! 
    This means faster and higher submission rates as compared to other VPS that are located in Europe (Germany, the most common). Most backlink sites are usually located in the U.S. With the VPS located in Canada (just beside of U.S), you will experience way much higher success rates and faster submission!
  • Spam-Friendly!
    Yes! I'm currently running my GSA Search Engine Ranker in my VPS without any proxies! No problem at all! But of course, if you were to run Xrumer, you will need proxies then. But other SEO softwares like Senuke Xcr, Scrapebox, Ultimate Demon and such are okay!
  • SAN Storage Network with SSD Cache!
    Let me ask you this... have you ever experienced deteriorating performance in your previous or current VPS provider? Sure, when you first got the VPS it was blazing fast - reboot takes less than a minute, highly responsive, .etc. But after several months, you noticed something... a reboot can take up to 30 minutes (yes, I experience this before), it lags so badly that when you interact with your VPS like clicking a button in your SEO tools, it takes up to 10 seconds to respond to it.

    Here's the awesome news! With SAN Storage network backed with SSD cache, you will never experience such issues! No matter how many months has passed, your VPS with this provider will still be blazing fast and responsive!
  • Awesome Internet Speed!
    Yes, 1 GBPS!
  • Your Own Management Console!
    You don't have to open a ticket to get your VPS staff to restart your VPS any longer! Simply login to your client area and you'll have access to your console. You can now do a soft or hard reboot, shutdown, or just boot up! There's even statistics to show your incoming and outgoing traffic and bandwidth! Superb!
  • Excellenet Customer Service
    This is the best part of all. Never had I experience such a prompt reply from them. The most they take is 1 hour. If your timezone is the same or near to Canada, replies are usually very prompt and fast. If you're in different timezones like Asia, it will take less than 5-6 hours (unless if you send a ticket or request at night time in Asia). If not, just use their live chat support! 

For the pricing plans, it is really cheap! Just check out their site:

Remember to check the "Xensever Xtremely Cheap Plans" to get the awesome pricing plans as stated in the banner!

The award "Best VPS For GSA Search Engine Ranker" for this year goes to this VPS provider!